About Me

Helping People and Fighting for Justice Since 2006

I have practiced law for 15 years, and 12 of those have been here in Broome County. This is the region I have made my home, and where I started my family. I am grateful for the opportunity to help my neighbors resolve their legal issues and to continue the fight for justice.

After graduating NYU Law school in 2005, I moved to Worcester, Massachusetts where I began my career at Community Legal Aid taking Social Security Disability and SSI cases.  From there, I moved to Washington DC where I worked at the Legal Aid Society of DC.  I continued assisting people with disability and public benefits issues, and represented clients with medical debt problems.

After deciding that DC was not for me, I moved to the Binghamton area and knew immediately that I had found my new home.  I took a job at Legal Aid and engaged in the practice of family law.  Knowing that a parent was relying on me to keep custody of their child focused my resolve to provide the best possible legal representation.  I gained extensive experience representing parents accused of neglecting their children by the Department of Social Services.  When faced with false or biased allegations, I fought the Department.  When faced with accurate allegations, I worked with my client to ensure that they took the appropriate steps to effectively address their problems while holding the Department to meet their responsibilities.

After four years at Legal Aid, I joined another legal services provider where I engaged in general civil litigation, including civil rights matters.  This included protecting tenants’ rights.  Unfortunately, I found this often meant protecting tenants who either could not, or all too often would not pay their rent, or who failed to treat the property they rented with even minimal care.

Now, I offer my services to the public, serving Broome, Tioga, and Tompkins counties.  If you have a family law dispute, especially one where the Department of Social Services is involved, I will put my years of experience to work for you.  If you are a small landlord with a tenant who is failing to honor their side of the contract, I can navigate the complexities of eviction proceedings with you.  If you are a person thinking of entering the landlord business, talk to me first to ensure that your business starts on strong footing.  If you are no longer able to work because of a medical condition, but need help getting the disability benefits you paid into all of these years, I can help you.  I hope I can make our community a better place by empowering you.

If you have a legal question or are wondering if you need an attorney, give me a call or send a message.  Remember, there are no stupid questions.