Family Law

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Custody, visitation, and support.  These matters effect the very relationship between you and your child.  You need a cool-headed advocate to guide you through this emotionally turbulent process.  When we discuss your case in my office, I will give you a no-nonsense assessment of your case and practical advice on how to proceed based on my years of experience.  In the courtroom or during negotiations, I am your fierce advocate.

Matrimonial Law.  Whether you contemplating entering into marriage, or the time has come to end one, matrimonial law must be considered.  I am available to negotiate prenuptual agreements should you desire one, or to answer your questions about how the law affects you once you are married.  I am not currently taking on divorce cases.

Department of Social Services Intervention.  If Social Services suspects you have mistreated your child, they are obligated to intervene.  This could take the form of a report “indicated” against you.  Such reports can affect your ability to maintain custody of your children or get hired for some types of jobs.  In the worst case scenario, the Department may bring a neglect or abuse proceeding against you.  Once the Department gets involved with your family you are at risk of losing your children, and time is of the essence. You need an experienced attorney to protect your family.   As a former Legal Aid attorney, I have the experience to assist you in defending against Social Services.


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Seeking Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income benefits? I can assist you with your application.  If you have been denied benefits, I can represent you in your appeal.  Contact me for a consultation.

An Overpayment occurs if  Social Security determines that they have paid you too much money.  They are required by law  to take it back from you.  They usually do this by seizing your monthly ongoing benefits.  If Social Security is in error and did not overpay you, time is of the essence to dispute their mistake.  If Social Security did overpay you, then you have the right to seek a payment plan or, in some circumstances, a waiver of the overpayment.  I take a limited number of overpayment cases per year on a pro bono basis (i.e. no charge for my services).  Contact me and see if I can help.


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Being a Landlord Is Being in Business. In New York, renting residential property is a highly regulated business.  As such, you should consult with an attorney, particularly if you are a new landlord.  I have over ten years’ experience representing tenants from my time at Legal Aid. Put that experience to work for you!

Put your landlord business on a strong footing from the start. I will assess the your legal responsibilities and rights based on evaluating the nature of your rental property, be it an apartment, a house, a mobile home, or anything else.  I will also help you draft a lease contract that best protects your interests.

Most tenants behave responsibly, paying their rent on time and not causing significant damage to your property.  However, it may become necessary to evict your tenants if they stop paying rent or fail to live up to their obligations under your lease.  Eviction proceedings are designed to quickly get problem tenants out of your property.  Yet they have a strict set of requirements that must be followed, and these often create traps for the small landlord – especially if your tenants qualify for help from Legal Aid.  You do not have to go it alone.  I will help you get things right the first time; I work to get your problem tenants out and your property back on the market as quickly as possible.

Religious Liberty

The United States was founded on freedom of religion.  We are a pluralistic society of many faiths and philosophies.  I believe that no one should be prevented from exercising their spiritual obligations, nor be forced to engage in spiritual practices that do not match their own.

No one should have the right to tell a Muslim woman she cannot wear a hijab or a Sikh man that he cannot wear a dastar.  No one should have the right  tell a Chirstian that they must engage in Buddhist Meditation, or a Buddhist that they must pray to the Christian God.

And yet so often our institutions fail to live up to our values.  A quick search of the internet will show employers, government agencies, and schools are all too willing to infringe on your rights. Contact me if you are being discriminated against because of your religion, or are being forced to engage in practices that go against your faith.


When a decision goes against you in court, you have the right to appeal.  The hard truth is, however, that appeals are expensive and hard to win.  I have prosecuted appeals at the state and Federal level.  If you are considering filing an appeal, contact me and we can discuss whether it makes sense to do so.

On the other hand, if the decision of the court went your way, the other side may file an appeal.  In that case, you have no choice but to defend yourself.   Contact me to see if I can help.